IRENA established the Coalition in January 2014 jointly with 35 leading players in renewable energy from around the world to bolster public support for renewable energy. Today, the Coalition has 67 members including private sector, industry associations and civil society.

The Coalition’s primary objective is to promote the wider and faster adoption of renewable energy technologies by improving understanding of the public’s benefits and advantages. Ensuring full public confidence in renewable energy technologies is a key factor in accelerating their deployment to achieve a sustainable energy future.

Communication is achieved using clear and truthful renewable energy messages to the public and decision-makers around the world, through a wide range of channels, including web portals, media articles, publications, social networks and public dialogue.

Bester is proud to promote the development, production and use of renewable energy technologies, which is vital to enjoy a better life.

We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration through the Coalition for Action to increase the share of renewable energy worldwide.


Bester uses various technologies for the exploitation of renewable energies for sustainable development, so that current and future generations enjoy a better life, bringing value to all stakeholders thanks to its excellent quality of service. Bester contributes to environmental sustainability through the Development, Engineering, Construction (EPC), and Operation and Maintenance of renewable energy infrastructures worldwide(