Organization chart

Bester is structured by Business Lines: Development, EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and O&M (Operation and Maintenance).

This structure is supported by the Corporate Organization, made up of numerous departments (legal, treasury, marketing and communication, human resources, administration, etc.) essential for the proper functioning of the Company.

Board of Directors

Antonio Macías
Antonio MacíasCEO BESTER
Fernando José Muñoz Prieto
Fernando José Muñoz PrietoLEGAL DIRECTOR
Balbina Rodríguez Blanco
Balbina Rodríguez BlancoHEAD OF TREASURY
Ignacio Dóyega Morales
Mª del Mar Rica Montero
Cristina Gómez Toledo
Cristina Gómez Toledolegal department
Fermín Robles Pérez
Fermín Robles PérezCONTROLLER
Josep Piñol Farré
José Manuel Leal Ibáñez
Jorge Fernando Real Gil
Jorge Fernando Real GilOperations Manager
Miguel Ángel Aranda Fernández
Miguel Ángel Aranda FernándezPV Director

Our Major Assets

“I have been working with the Bester team for over 20 years, even before we became Bester, and I saw the company grow exponentially in its early years of creation. It is my second home, I have grown professionally here, and I feel satisfied with my professional career in the area of logistics. The working environment is exceptional; my colleagues have become great friends with whom I share the day to day that becomes very bearable thanks to the close relationship we maintain at all times.”

Álvaro Fernández, Logistics Department - Bester Spain
“My challenge: to increase the growth and efficiency of the company using the tools and guidance of the IT department. The digital transformation and the constant development of new technologies have made it in a key part the Bester Group. We have information systems, technologies and applications that allow us to work anywhere in the world, ensuring the protection of all employees”.
Vicente Manuel Salar, IT Manager - Bester Spain

“I am proud to be part of the HSEQ Integrated Management Systems department. We have succeeded in improving and optimizing Bester’s processes that ensure employee health and safety, environmental protection and the quality performance of our Services. And we would like to be at the forefront of sustainability, so we promote meeting as many of the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDOs) as possible. We want to do our part to achieve a fairer and more equal world.”

Fátima Katerji, HSEQ Department - Bester Spain

“For me, personal growth in my professional performance is of vital importance and is one of the objectives Bester proposes to its employees. Every challenge involves good times and other difficult ones, but we must always believe in ourselves and face the challenges in an optimistic way, thinking that achieving them will only be a matter of time, effort and dedication, and trusting that, once overcome, the teaching and satisfaction from what is learned is worthwhile. In the legal department we apply a proactive work method, in which we combine the most diligent approach and legal advice with the necessary practicality in the business world, facing the challenges and thus following the line proposed by the company with which I feel fully identified ”.

Cristina Gómez, Legal department - Bester Spain

“I am at the plant organizing, coordinating and directing its construction. We have carried out photovoltaic projects in Italy, France, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, United Kingdom, Mexico, Portugal and Spain, and we have surpassed ourselves thanks to the different teams that I have worked with, always attending to the Engineering designs and the Quality and Health and Safety standards established by the HSEQ department. We will continue to build projects in every corner of the planet, and I hope to be in charge of many other teams that work quickly and resolutely. “

Jorge Fernando Real, PV Project Construction Manager - Bester Spain

Bester talent

+ 100 highly qualified professional employees.

Graduates • Certified Profesionals • Technical Engineers • Administrative • Operators