The video was created with the aim of transmitting the services provided by the company, dedicated to the development, engineering, procurement, construction, and operation and maintenance of renewable energy infrastructures.

In addition to the core services, the video reflects the aim of the company to contribute to environmental sustainability and social well-being, supported by responsible behavior in all its actions.

The evolution of the company since its founding has been very positive, increasing year by year its global presence, its number of employees and its benefits, and Bester Generación team’s experience, attitude, skills and competitiveness entrench the continuation of this upward trend.

“The corporate video is an additional channel of communication used by Bester Generación to present who we are, what we do and what makes us different.”

About Bester Generación

Bester Generación applies technologies for the production of renewable energy for sustainable development so that current and future generations will lead a better life, adding value to all stakeholders through its excellent quality of service. It contributes to environmental sustainability through Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), and Operations and Maintenance of renewable energy infrastructures worldwide(

Communications Department Contact

Cristina Gadea Morant

Phone number: 34 954 15 95 50