A total of 24 Andalusian companies and 16 international guests from Mexico and Central America have held a business meeting organized by the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge, with the management and collaboration of Extenda, the Andalusia Agency of Foreign Promotion; and the collaboration of Extenda offices in Mexico, Miami and Panama, which took place in Seville from November 8 to 11 at Extenda headquarters in Seville.

The objective of this meeting was to give an overview of the situation of the Renewable Energy sector and business opportunities in Mexico and Central America, as well as project financing and to bring together the main players in these markets, including Bester as an Andalusian company.

International guests including government agencies, and private sector companies. Mexican entities that attended were INEEL (National Institute of Clean Energies, Mexico), CENACE (National Energy Control Center of Mexico), CFE (Federal Electricity Commission of Mexico) and Enel Green Power. And from the financial sector were Bancomext, Becquerel Capital, BBVA Bancomer, BANAMEX and ProMéxico. And representing Central America were Solar Century, Faro Energy, SEC (Specialized Consulting Services) and Jinko Solar. Regarding the Central American financial sector were BCIE and BICSA (International Bank of Costa Rica).

Round-table discussions, panel presentations, and B2B meetings have been organized between the international guests and the Andalusian companies attending the event; meetings organized with the intention of sharing experiences and perspectives of the Mexican and Central American energy market and establishing contacts between all the participants of the meeting.

The last two days the guests visited Andalusian companies and projects of their interest. Bester had the opportunity to receive some of these relevant international entities in the renewable energies sector, and show them Bester’s headquarters, as well as communicate Bester’s prospects in the Mexican and Central American markets.

Bester Group, through its company Progressum, a business line engaged in the development of renewable energy projects, has more than 1000 MW photovoltaic in development in Mexico, thus making this organization well aware of the situation of the sector in this geographical area, with great potential in the development of large-scale renewable generation.


Bester uses various technologies for the exploitation of renewable energies for sustainable development, so that current and future generations enjoy a better life, bringing value to all stakeholders thanks to its excellent quality of service. Bester contributes to environmental sustainability through the Development, Engineering, Construction (EPC), and Operation and Maintenance of renewable energy infrastructures worldwide(www.bester.energy).


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