Photovoltaic energy is the direct transformation of solar radiation into direct current electricity. Solar radiation is captured by semiconductor devices called photovoltaic cells, which have the ability of absorbing light photons and emitting electrons. When these free electrons are lead, the result is an electric current, otherwise known as electricity. Therefore, photovoltaic energy is a renewable energy because it comes from an inexhaustible source of energy, the Sun, a source that is also a clean, sustainable and free resource.

We have photovoltaic systems that are directly connected to the main electric network and also that are isolated from the network. These isolated systems of current generation do not need to be connected a main electric network in order to produce energy from the Sun, hence the term “isolated”. They are usually located in areas where access to electricity is restricted.

Functioning scheme for an off-grid photovoltaic installation

functioning scheme photovoltaic installation
The installation is simple and convenient and offers the possibility of using free energy from the Sun, avoiding the noise of the generator and diesel fuel costs, as well as harmful exhaust gases. It is sustainable and respectful with the environment.

We produce electricity during the day which we consume instantly, and, if we want, we can store it and consume it later. Isolated facilities must be designed according to the (electrical) energy needs of the user in order to optimize the photovoltaic plant. It must be properly studied and designed, in order to find out what specific type of devices and instruments are best for this consumption.

With regard to its implementation, as its name suggests, it is mainly used in isolated areas without electric network connection and where electricity is needed. It is highly recommended, sometimes almost indispensable, for the following applications:


The solar water pump starts working directly during the daylight hours when the amperage produced by the solar panels is enough for the operation of the pump.

Photovoltaic pumping systemphotovoltaic pumping system
The system consists of solar panels, a converter, and a submersible pump that they will draw water all day and will be stored in a pool, storage tank, or similar storage.

This system is used in gardens where the water is taken from a well to a storage place, thermos, tank, or pool, which is filled up and allows for irrigation when needed. Or the water can automatically be lead to troughs for livestock. It could even be implemented to provide water to industries, or housing that is isolated from the main electrical network, or to transport water between tanks.

This system offers power supply for isolated areas without a main electrical network, which is very important for countries in the process of development and electrification of rural areas, with a low cost of installation and maintenance. It also can be used in the lighting of ships, greenhouses, refrigeration, automation of windows, milking systems, etc.

It is a very economical resource used for traffic lights, street lamps, warning signs on roads, airports and cities, oil platforms, tunnels, billboards, etc.

Radio and television antennas, telephone equipment, antenna and data transmitting stations such as meteorological, seismic, and water course levels can be operated with isolated solar photovoltaic energy, which is safe and economical.

We can find another of its applications in industrial development, such as telecommunications, antennas, surveillance systems in oil and gas refineries as well as in the cathodic protection of pipelines, oil pipelines and other types of piping, highly reliable systems are needed.

Equipment shelters and leisure areas, charging of batteries for caravans and boats, etc.

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