Bester, as a renewable energy company committed to caring for the environment, supports any initiative that promotes the care of the environment or activities that lead to the construction of a present world and a better future for all. Therefore, an activity such as “Plogging” is an initiative that Bester supports.


Combining exercise and taking care of the environment is now possible thanks to the creation of the “Plogging”, derived from the word “running” ,with the difference that, while you run, you collect waste and garbage from the ground. Therefore, this activity consists of collecting garbage from the ground while you run, so you only need the appropriate sportswear to run and a garbage bag where you can put all the waste that you find in your path. The adepts of this discipline tell that this modality of “running” is a great option to get fit and lose weight while taking care of the environment, since it involves a burning of 300 calories for every 30 minutes of practice, thanks to the combination of continuous running exercise with squats to collect the garbage of the floor.


The term “Plogging” comes from the combination of the English word “running” and the Swedish expression “plocka upp”, which means collect and has its origin in Stockholm (Sweden) back in 2016 to subsequently expand to the Nordic countries and much of the European territory. Currently, it continued to be practiced almost all over Europe, as well as some areas of the United States, although it must be said that it has yet arrived in Spain in an organized manner.


The appearance of this sport-ecological modality together with the growing social awareness of the importance of caring for the environment, have led to the appearance on Social Networks of what has been called the “Plogger Community”. Those who dare to practice this sport share images with their garbage collection during their activity, as well as share tips and opinions on good practices to make waste collection more efficient during the exercise.


However, the origin of “Plogging” has unleashed an authentic revolution, giving rise to the emergence of alternative modalities to “Plogging” for those people who do not like or cannot perform a running exercise in their sports routine. In this way, water sports (such as paddle board), sports on wheels, (like cycling), or on snow, (like cross-country skiing) have joined this current and have included in their sports routine an activity that promotes and takes care of the environment through the collection of waste.

In the official web site, you can find even more information about this great and fun initiative for the care of the environment, which we hope from Bester will continue to expand and add followers to its activity.