The elevated consumption by humans of fossil fuels for electricity generation, transport and heating, is generating a rapid decline of the world’s reserves, as well as producing a large amount of emissions of harmful gases to the atmosphere that encourage global warming and accelerating climate change.

As an alternative to the indiscriminate burning of fossil fuels, increasingly is considered more for generation of renewable technologies, which can get to produce energy from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, water or biomass, generating electricity, heat or steam. Bester since we are aware that we need to limit carbon emissions, and therefore we know that investment in renewables will continue to grow year after year.

What type of renewable energy can we find?

Direct transformation of the energy from the sun into electrical energy using photovoltaic panels; solar radiation on semiconductor materials (photoelectric cells), that transform solar energy into direct current electricity, and this tends to transform into alternating current to use electronic equipment.

Solar energy concentration to obtain thermal energy for heating of drinking water, through the so-called combined systems, which are used for heating of buildings, up to solar thermal systems of cooling and heat production process.

Concentration of the solar energy to obtain thermal energy, which generates steam, which operates a conventional turbine that produces electricity.

It is obtained by taking advantage of the potential and kinetic energy of water streams, waterfalls, and tides. The hydraulic power station can be located at places where there are rains and geological slopes, favorable to building a dam.

Energy that uses the wind force to generate electric energy through the implementation of wind farms. It is a renewable and clean resource that helps decrease greenhouse effect gases, replacing other fossil fuel energy sources.

It consists in the use of accumulated organic matter. Plants convert energy captured by sunlight through photosynthesis into chemical energy. Part of that energy is stored in the form of organic matter which, through a recovery process is transformed into biomass, acting as fuel.

At Bester, we are committed to renewable energies, the essence of our business model, to preserve the environment, while providing companies the resources needed to generate energy cleanly, efficiently and at a lower cost.