Bester and Banco Sabadell sign a collaboration agreement to promote photovoltaic self-consumption

D. Antonio Macías Sánchez, CEO of Bester, and D. Agustín Rodríguez Ruiz, Regional Director of Banco Sabadell, have signed a cooperation agreement to facilitate financing, under preferential conditions, for Bester customers wishing to make a solar energy self-comsumption installation.

The signing took place at Bester headquarters, located in Seville, where representatives of both entities were present and share common interests:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with fossil fuels.
  • Reduce energy dependence.

The agreement aims to promote electricity production for self-consumption through photovoltaic solar panels, given that the cost of generating solar power through this option has decreased considerably in recent years.

This agreement will mainly benefit those companies in which the maximum energy consumption occurs during solar hours, which coincides with the energy generating hours of the photovoltaic system.

Bester will send to Banco Sabadell the operations for the financial study. Banco Sabadell is capable of supporting up to 100% of the investment in its commitment to clean energy development.

Bester continues to promote green energy, committing to build a sustainable world to enjoy a better future, and this agreement promotes this new line of business called self-consumption which not only helps to preserve the environment, but also provides savings from day one on energy bills.

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