Bester signs a supply, work, and installation contract of a solar photovoltaic project for self-consumption in Zaudin Golf Club.

Bester will install a self-consumption facility in the parking lot of Zaudín Golf Club, near Seville, a photovoltaic installation of 62.4 kWp, combining the generation of electric energy with a solution of solar protection for vehicles, thus providing the Club’s parking with a combined roofed parking and renewable generation solution.

The installation occupies 396m2 and has a power of 62.4 kWp, which allows saving 96,230 kWh/year in the consumption of electric energy, which represents approximately a savings of 16% of the estimated consumption of the Club, through the use of solar energy, a source of clean, renewable energy.

The installation consists of 240 Jinko photovoltaic modules of 260 Wp each and 4 equipment inverters of 12,5 kWn supplied by Aros Solar.

In this way, Zaudin Golf Club improves the sustainability of its business, investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy, with this facility which will mean significant economic savings and a reduction in the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere from 38.50 Tn of CO2 per year, compared to coal generation.

“Our goal is to continue this line of business in Spain, to focus on self-consumption, and to be leaders in sustainable energy implementation to fight against climate change,” says Miguel Antonio Jiménez, Director of Engineering and Construction at Bester. “Hopefully, the Regulation on self-consumption supports these types of solutions, and from Bester be able to increase the number of homes and companies with photovoltaic installations.”