A total of eighteen Andalusian firms and six Moroccan agents in the sector of renewable energies held a business meeting organized by the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge, through Extenda-an Andalusian Agency for overseas promotion, which was held in Seville from May 31 to June 2.

The main objective of this mission has been to show a select number of Moroccan operators what Andalucía has to offer in engineering, services, and supplies in the area of renewable energies, as well as presenting the projects of the leading Moroccan importers.

The delegation of Morocco was composed of outstanding companies of the renewable energy sector such as the National Office of Water and Electricity (ONEE), the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (Masen), Energy Transfo, Clean Tech, Cim d’ équipement, and Jet Contractors. The participation of these companies had been arranged with the support of the Extenda Office for Business Promotion in Morocco, whose director also attended the trade meeting.

The technical seminar took place based on “Business opportunities in the field of renewables in Morocco” where the Moroccan guests presented their vision of the renewable energy market in their country, as well as projects in development of their companies which served as a prelude to business interviews that took place later.

During the last day the Moroccan guests visited some projects of the participating Andalusian firms, so Bester welcomed Moroccan agents showing their headquarters located in Seville, the control center that centrally manages the operation and maintenance of its network of plants of renewable energy distributed throughout the planet, and its business project.


Bester uses various technologies for the exploitation of renewable energies for sustainable development, so that current and future generations enjoy a better life, bringing value to all stakeholders thanks to its excellent quality of service. Bester contributes to environmental sustainability through the Development, Engineering, Construction (EPC), and Operation and Maintenance of renewable energy infrastructures worldwide(www.bester.energy).

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