The Informative Meeting ‘Paris Summit on Climate Change: challenges and opportunities for companies’ organized by Epson and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Services and Navigation of Seville was held on March 16 at the Club Antares in Seville.

Experts participated from both the public and private sector, analyzing the Paris agreement and its impact on the business world.

Epson, the event organizing company, the Andalusian Energy Agency, University of Seville, Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira, Camera Certifica, CEA, Vniversitas CEU Andalusia, Endesa, Magtel and Bester are the companies who presented and argued their stance towards climate change, how it affects their markets, regulations, legislation and technology, all the implications involved, and other related topics such as energy efficiency, audits and management systems.

Jose Manuel Leal, Head of Quality and Environment at Bester, spoke about the challenges Andalusian companies have regarding climate change, the opportunities after the Paris Summit on Climate Change, the main activity sectors, and, of course, Bester’s policy on climate change and the different actions it has undertaken by 2015.

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