Did you know that Spaniards spent an average of two hours and 11 minutes a day with their mobile phone? This represents almost one day a week. Our country is among the top five that invests the most time using the mobile phone. According to the Ditrendia study, Mobile in Spain and in the World,the mobile is the most used device to access the internet, used by 94.6% of Spaniards. In addition, we have increased the time dedicated to the digital world by 53%, a growth that is mainly due to the use of mobile apps. In particular, in the last 3 years the use of apps has increased by 111%. But we have good news, we can use all those hours, or at least a part, for something much better. Below, we present a list of applications with which to take care of the environment, and even save in some cases.


The name of this application in English already informs us of its use ‘I recycle’, so it is an app that helps us in the task of domestic recycling. Nowadays, one of the main ecological problems we have is the excess of waste. Many of the things we buy daily come in containers that then go to the trash. IRecycle helps you in this difficult task of reducing waste, offering thousands of ideas to recycle and reuse all types of materials. And not only that, but you can also check in your app what materials are recyclable or not.


Is it possible to find a web page and help replant trees? Well thanks to Ecosia, the eco-friendly search engine, is possible and free. Surely like most Internet users, when you do a search on the Internet you use Google, now you can change your habits and use Ecosia. So, at the same time you browse the Internet, you will help to plant trees. Ecosia, which works together with the search engine Bing, donates 80% of the income to non-profit organizations that work for reforestation in different parts of the planet, such as Peru, Indonesia, Madagascar or Burkina Faso.


Our commutes contaminate, and although in our day to day we cannot avoid them, we can improve them thanks to Geco Air. This application aims to help us improve our environmental impact in our journeys. It offers personalized advice to improve your driving style. In addition Geco Air takes into account the characteristics of your vehicle, if it is gasoline or diesel, and helps you to know if your mobility is polluting or not.


Do your bills for electricity, water and gas go up like mercury in summer? Well you should use ‘Save Heat Easy’, the mobile application that will help you make a responsible consumption of energy, while saving on your bills. This app examines invoices and tells us how to reduce consumption from a positive ecological perspective. It gives accurate advice and reminds us when we should defrost the refrigerator or check the heating.


If you are one of the people who look if the products you buy are eco-freindly, you probably spend a lot of time in the supermarket. That is what happened to Dara O’Roorke, a professor of environmental policy at the University of Berkeley, and that is why she created Good Guide. Can you imagine a world in which by simply scanning the barcode of the products in the supermarket with the mobile you obtained all the information about its social and environmental impact? Well that is Good Guide, an application that includes a database with thousands of products and only scan offers a grade on a scale of 1 to 10, on each of its ‘qualities’, whether it be their origin, conditions of manufacture impact on health or on the environment.


Light pollution is often forgotten in our day-to-day life but it is the culprit that we cannot see the stars in the sky. Loss of the Night is an application that aims to raise awareness about the problem of light pollution and thanks to the help of its users tells us the visibility of the stars in each place. This app was created so that, in the future, “cities save energy and money, while they have properly lit the streets, dark rooms, and the sky full of stars again”. With all these applications we no longer have excuses not to adopt responsible habits in our day to day, and to help us to collaborate with the environment. We hope these applications are useful and we advise you to always download official sites such as Google Play or App Store.