Have you ever wondered how much pollution you generate? According to estimates published in El País, each Spaniard generates on average some 440 kilos of waste in their home, that is, we produce about 21 million tons of waste a year, and that without the use of appliances, light, transportation and the use of running water.
At Bester we are committed to the environment, our purpose is to build a more sustainable world, and that is the reason that we want to share with you 5 basic tips to help the planet:

Use energy saving light bulbs or LED bulbs, because they consume up to 80% less than traditional bulbs and its durability is much higher.
Turn off all of the devices that you are not using, such as TV set, computer, terminal blocks and appliances on standby, and the lights of rooms where you are not present and do not need momentarily.
Take advantage of all the natural light that you can to illuminate spaces.

Closing the tap while you lather up in the shower, when you brush your teeth and scrubbing dishes.
To save liters of water, change the habit of taking a bath and take shower.
Turn off the heater monitor at night and, if possible, install a solar water heater in your home. This way you will save a high percentage on your water bills.

Use renewable energies. They are an alternative source of light and heat, clean and 100% respectful of the environment.
Install solar panels and solar water heaters in your home whenever possible. You will greatly reduce your bills of light. More and more homes are opting for this type of non-polluting energy.
Take advantage of daylight hours to generate your own energy.

There are alternative transport options that are more environmentally friendly, such as going for public transport, cycling and using shared cars, for example, for commuting. This last option is a savings for the pockets, since the fuel budget is shared, and for the environment, as the number of vehicles in circulation is reduced.
If you use the car individually, a good alternative is to use an electric vehicle. The electric vehicles are proportionally more expensive, but you have an energy saving, subsidies and privileges, you can even park for free in the blue zone of some cities.

To contribute to the recycling of waste you generate separate waste in different bins: paper and cardboard, plastics and packaging and organic waste, and dispose of them in suitable containers.
Reuse the plastic bags that you buy in supermarkets, and use preferably biodegradable bags and cloth bags.
Recycle paper you don’t need, and use it on both sides.
Use recycled paper whenever you can. You can even use toilet paper, which is very good to contribute to the environment.
If this has been you interesting, you can get in contact with us to learn more.