Interview with Pierre Meulemans, project manager at the self-consumption installation of Zaudín Golf Club

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  1. It has been 3 months since you installed photovoltaic roof in the Club Zaudin Golf. What benefits is it giving to the Club?

The average consumption of Zaudin Golf Club is 25,000 kWh / month during the day and the photovoltaic installation produces 10,500 kWh per month, therefore covering up to more than 40% of the Club's consumption during the day and allocating a significant amount of savings to the Club's electric bill.
  1. Could the Club continue saving on its electric bill?

The Club should try to use all or most of the appliances and equipment that require higher energy consumption in the daylight hours. In this way, it could even expand the photovoltaic self-consumption, thus reducing its electric bill because the photovoltaic installation would cover the Club's energy demand.

To all this, add other measures previously adopted by the Club through Bester. We reviewed the Club's contracted power to detect if they were paying more for something that they did not need. We chose a power suitable for the whole year, because the electric needs of the Club vary in summer and winter. We calculated the fixed term necessary to avoid possible cuts or penalties in the electricity supply.

In addition, the Club chose to install LED lighting as yet another environmentally friendly alternative. Although its price is higher, this is compensated by its ability to avoid the loss of electricity. Also, the LED bulbs reach its maximum performance from the first moment, so in the medium term you can see the economic savings. It should be noted that it is one of the tools with which we combat climate change.

  1. How much time and resources were needed to carry out a project of this type?

Each project is different and some can be more complex than others, but in general, we can count on approximately a month for bureaucratic procedures and authorizations, and 1 to 2 months to run the installation and start it.
  1. How much amortization time does a self-consumption intallation of these characteristics require?

The prices of the components of photovoltaic plants have fallen considerably in recent years, so we have been able to reduce prices to the public as well. Modules manufacturers have reduced their prices by 80% compared to 9 years ago. On average, the photovoltaic installations of self-consumption are amortized in 7 years. Although it does depend on the complexity of the photovoltaic installation.
  1. So, are these facilities complex?

They do not have any complexity, because they are installations that consist of only three important components, that are the photovoltaic modules, that take advantage of the solar radiation to generate electricity in direct current, the inverters, that convert the direct current in alternating current with values according to the voltage of the connection point, and the support structure of the photovoltaic panels, which allows you to fix the modules on a roof, in this case the carport of the parking lot.
  1. Why should we choose using self-consumption?

We should choose using self-consumption for four main reasons:
  • Less reliance on the grid because you produce and manage your own electricity.
  • You can reduce your electric bill significantly, reducing your electricity consumption by more than 50%.
  • The owner is protected in this way against any rise in the cost of energy and associated rates.
  • You act against climate change by reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.
  1. How does this photovoltaic roof favor the environment?

This photovoltaic canopy prevents the emission of more than 30 tons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere. The Club is taking other measures in addition to become eco-friendly golf course, such as the recycling of waste water for use in irrigation of golf courses and green areas.
  1. What does Bester provide?

We offer a turnkey project. We get involved early on studying the electricity bills for the installation start up, and its maintenance if required, which is minimal and preventive.

We provide all the services, from a previous and personalized study, visiting facility, floors or roofs available, orientation, inclination, etc. to make the installation tailored to the client, so the client can save the most on his electric bill

Legalization, installation, purchase of major equipment and commissioning.

Real time monitoring of consumption through the monitoring system.

And regarding financing, we have an agreement with Banco Sabadell to facilitate financing for Bester clients wishing to make a solar energy generation facility in the form of self-consumption.

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