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In the same way that Bester has increased economically and geographically, so has it with its number of employees who are passionate about the environment, which has led them to work for a sustainable way of life.

laempresa-nuestroequipo1-energias_renovablesIn 2010, shortly after its founding, Bester already had more than 100 employees dedicated to the renewable energies sector, mainly to the EPC activity (Engineering, Procurement and Construction).

In 2011, it entered the French market, and included the operation and maintenance activities in the finished Italian photovoltaic plants, so that the number of employees reached 150 people.

Much of the team is national, but foreigners also belonging to the country where the company works are hired, mainly workers in the construction phase of projects.

Bester-distribución geográfica

In 2013 the company almost had 200 employees, and even more employees with several projects underway,, with staff coming from Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany and South Africa.

Bester's culturally diverse, young, and dynamic workforce, with ages mainly between 30 and 40 years old, has a wide experience in the sector.

In 2014, Bester Generación decreased its number of employees as a result of its commitment to the Development business line, which will yield results in 2016. In this way, in 2015 it continues with this downward trend, and will again recover its previous number of employees in 2016 betting on stable and quality employment, because it acknowledges that the employee is one of its greatest assets.

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