The small hydroelectric facilities represent an important renewable energy source and can actively contribute to sustainable development of the territory in which they are implanted. The hydroelectric potential is huge: nowadays, globally, a 22% of all electricity is produced from water, and according to the World Energy Conference, global hydropower production could triple by 2020.


Therefore, Bester is considering several locations in European countries like Italy or Switzerland, where it could execute this type of small hydroelectric facilities to take advantage of the great energy potential that it can offer us. Guidelines that will determine their viability:

  • Site selection based on the availability and accessibility to the location, considering that accessibility is inversely proportional to the environmental impact.
  • The water flow (litres/sec) and jump height (m) to determine the calculation of the theoretical power, in any case less than 10 MW.
  • Processing of necessary authorisations and licences.
  • Economic feasibility study of the installation.
  • Construction and implementation.
  • Effective management and maintenance, protecting the environmental quality of the river system.

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