The carbon footprint

Bester, as a result of the philosophy of company, and based on the protocols acquired in auditing and certification processes, maintains an accounting of the carbon footprint of the orga­nizacion, including both production processes (design, development, maintenance of facilities and opera­cion) and the headquarters of the com­pania.

The idea of counting and reducing the carbon footprint emitted by this company started in 2011, when Bester decided to make a qualitative leap in the management system through the implementation of the methodology for calculation of GHG (greenhouse) and the calculation of the inventory in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 14064:1 "Greenhouse Gases." Part 1: Specifications and guidelines at the level of the Organization, for the cuantifica­cion and the declaration of emissions and GHG inver­nadero reductions."

Quantification methodology

Bester determines their emissions Greenhouse Gases (GHG) by calculation, by multiplying activity data collected in works or fixed centres, by documented GHG emission factors, which are selected and updated periodically in the Department of prevention of labour risks, quality and environment (integrated management system).

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