Emissions Inventory

"The energy nor is creates or is destroyed, only is transforms"

Under this principle physical Bester knows that any form of generation energy brings associated the emission of gases of effect greenhouse to the atmosphere.

“Our aspiration is to be part of the transition to a new model of sustainable economy, towards a low-carbon economy that reduces the ecological footprint”.

Bester, being aware of the unequivocal effect that is having human activity on the climate (fifth assessment report of the IPCC) and given the catastrophic consequences that can have on life on Earth, has launched a climate change strategy, which aims to deepen in the measurement, optimization of energy consumption, as well as the measurement of the contribution of their activities to the generation of GHG greenhouse (GHG) and reduction of the same with developed renewable energy facilities.

He group ensures that your activity is sustainable because its possible impact in the atmosphere has been neutralized. For this, maintains a system of Control of the emission of Gases of effect greenhouse (ISO 14064) on all its activities. A time identified them main foci of emission, are reduced to the Max using for this systems of management of quality (ISO 9001) and environment (ISO 14001), through which choose to them suppliers that have a best behavior environmental, used materials chords to it political Industrial sustainable of the EU and are valued positively by them responsible of them different Areas productive of the company. The process ends with the audit and certification of the accounting of emissions of greenhouse gases, which neutralized with the obtaining of CERs (Certified Emission Reductions) that are generated through the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) and acquired in the system of trading emissions of the Union European (EU ETS).

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