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transformación digital Digital technologies play a fundamental role for all companies. Today we focus on the influence on the sector that concerns us: the digital transformation in the sector of renewable energies.


There are four "levers" or "keys" by which are restructuring are business models:
  • Digital information allows for better predictions and decision making.
  • Automation is able to generate systems that work autonomously and that organized themselves, limiting mistakes, acting faster and reducing operating costs.
  • Connectivity: networking through various devices allows you to synchronize logistics chains, shorten delivery times and cycles of innovation.
  • Digital access to the client: internet allows us to go to consumers with total transparency and provide new services.


According to Juan Manuel Eguiagaray, patron of Fundación Alternativas: "Spain is below the average of European countries in digitization but grows at a much higher rate". And it is that progress towards a digital society is an indispensable condition of the market, so companies should seek the road towards digitalisation.


The use of digital tools will allow to increase the productivity of employees, making maintenance much more efficient. The digital transformation in the renewables sector allows to automate different work processes, such as the control of photovoltaic and wind farms remotely.

There are platforms for monitoring of plants producing renewable energies which allow to visualize real-time readings of operation of each one of the devices that are part of the plants, managing them in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

In the case of Bester, the O & M department supervises and controls that the installations work with the best possible performance&thanks to the latest monitoring solutions for photovoltaic plants, in order to be able to act quickly and efficiently in the tasks of repair and maintenance. A surveillance service and continuous monitoring service to guarantee very short response times to possible incidents.

According to the online newspaper the power: "The level of digitalization of the electrical industry is already very high,more than 10 years ago that the production has incorporated it, for example, the automation of hydroelectric power plants and wind farms, everything is done from the control centres, and has a direct consequence in employment and efficiency".

But not only the Digital transformation influence on production and maintenance processes. It also influences the relationships with customers. The customer has already changed its way of relating, also with the companies in the sector of renewable energies. Users have other requirements. For this reason, every time is connected more with the companies through the social networks.

In Bester we are aware of the need for digital transformation for companies. These days we celebrate our first year with a digital presence in social networks. An essential step in the process of digital transformation that we are carrying out in our company. Because we think that the digital transformation is present and future in the production and business communication.

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