The mayor of Tomares, José Luis Sanz, the owners of Bester, Antonio Macías and Balbina Rodríguez, and the president of Club Zaudín Golf, Juan Antonio López, inaugurate the photovoltaic installation of the parking lot of Club Zaudín Golf, with a power of 67 kWp. The installation consists of a marquee for 34 car parks, with a surface area of 422 m², which uses a renewable energy source to generate electricity. At the same time, it protects vehicles from the sun.

The photovoltaic solar project is in the test phase, having been commissioned by Bester, who has carried out the complete turnkey installation (supply, work and installation). The installation consists of 258 Jinko photovoltaic panels of 260 Wp each, and 4 inverters of 12.5 kWn supplied by Aros Solar.

This self-consumption project saves 108,400 kWh per year in electricity consumption, which represents a saving of approximately 18% of the estimated consumption of the Club.

As the president, Juan Antonio López, indicates, this is another of the improvements made by Club Zaudín Golf to satisfy its members, “doing our bit to be more sustainable, because we will avoid the emission of more than 30 Tn of CO2 per year into the atmosphere. Energy and economic saving”, the right decision on the part of the Club.

Bester’s Project Manager, Pierre Meulemans, explained the different parts that make up a self-consumption facility, how it works and the benefits it brings. And the president of Bester, Antonio Macias, has encouraged to continue betting on this type of facilities in Spain, “it is essential to invest in renewable energy and continue in our daily struggle to Build a more sustainable world”.

The mayor of Tomares José Luis Sanz, for his part, thanked the company and the Club for their commitment to renewable energies by developing this type of project, and showed all his support and satisfaction for this type of facilities that should shape our energy future.